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How to choose an attractive colour palette for the website

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30 Color Palettes for Websites – Choose Your Website Colors

Colours can affect individuals emotionally. They can evoke joy or urgency. Hence, firms and businesses utilise colour schemes to set the tone for their website and strengthen brand messaging. Customers identify brands that employ the same colour schemes across their branding materials. 91% of individuals could identify Google by their logo colours alone. Coca-Cola is also known for its red hue. A consistent colour palette can assist people identify your brand, attach adverts and promotions to it, and absorb your messages across media.

Your website’s e-commerce page or CTA button might stand out with a contrasted colour scheme. These colour contrasts assist arrange your site and distinguish page elements. If your side column promotes an event or promotion, selecting a colour that contrasts with the rest of the page can draw attention to it.

With a colour scheme, you choose the colours for your website from an artistic or design point of view. Colour theory states that the colour wheel, also known as the colour wheel, can be used to select colours that go well together and create good-looking designs. For example, some websites focus more on neutral colours, using white backgrounds and muted colours, while others prefer dark backgrounds and bolder colour choices.

Having a fantastic combination of colours for your website is therefore important. Hence, it is even more important to have a good choice of colours and a colour palette that does justice. With this article, we tell you how to choose one for the website. 

1. Determine what you want your colour choices to convey.

Consider the message you want your colour palette to convey first. How do you want your brand to be perceived and felt by the public? Do you wish to demonstrate your strength and significance? Or do you wish to establish a relationship with a content family?

You can start considering where on the colour wheel your colour scheme should be once you’ve decided what you want your colours to convey.

2. Choose your primary colour first

The decision of your primary colours comes next. Opt for a colour that complements the key elements of your brand that you want people to remember. On your website, this colour will be the one that stands out the most. After deciding on a primary colour, you can experiment with several colour schemes to make this colour stand out and create a complete colour scheme.

3. A colour palette with some contrast is best

You should pick a palette that enables you to combine colours that are dissimilar from one another while yet looking decent. When placed adjacent to one another, accent colours should stand out, but they should also complement one another. Look at where the primary colour is on the colour wheel and which secondary colours go well with the different shades you wish to employ.

4. Consider how your brand appears

Consider your desired look carefully as you select the colours for your brand. A company that uses colour to demonstrate how sleek and sophisticated it is doesn’t need a website with a lot of content. This can make their website appear overly cluttered and make it challenging to locate crucial information. A website where the content, photos, and colours all work together will have the biggest impact on the users.

5. Try your colour scheme on several platforms

After choosing a colour scheme, you should test it on various gadgets. Verify how the website for your company appears on desktop computers, mobile devices, and any other possible viewing platforms. This will provide you with the most details about how the colour scheme represents your brand.

See how the colour scheme influences conversions, site interest, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you determine how consumers feel about your brand as soon as it goes live.


Here is wishing and hoping that you have understood the article. If you have any questions or doubts, do share them in the comments section below. But before that, if you have already thought of a web design service provider for your site, no hassles, just ensure you incorporate these pointers we have shared with you. Till then, take care and keep reading!

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