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Private vs Public Cloud Hosting

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Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud: A Comprehensive Comparison Cloudshape

There are several website hosting solutions available on the market. Cloud hosting is one of them. It uses virtual cloud servers to host websites and applications. Some of the best cloud server benefits are reliability, scalability, faster connectivity and more. 

Private and public cloud hosting are types of cloud models. But what are they, and how are they different? Continue reading to learn in detail about private and public cloud hosting and their differences.

Difference Between Public and Private Clouds

A third-party service provider owns and manages a public cloud. The services of this model can be accessed through the Internet. The resources are shared by other individuals and organisations who want to buy and use them. Some resources are available for zero costs, while some have a pay-as-you-use pricing model.

In a private cloud model, all resources are dedicated to a single user or organisation. This model offers many benefits, such as flexibility, faster delivery service and increased security. The private cloud can be hosted on-site in a company’s data centre or off-site on rented IT infrastructures provided by a cloud service provider.  

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud: Key Differences 

Below are some differences between public and private cloud hosting-

Aspects Private Cloud Public Cloud 
InfrastructureUses a single user system that provides dedicated hardware not shared by other users.An in-house technical team manages the infrastructure.The user hosts the network either on-site or off-site.Uses a multiple-user system where multiple users share the same network.The cloud service provider manages the infrastructure.The service provider hosts the shared network off-site.
SecurityOffers an isolated and secure hosting environment through dedicated private servers.The security of the server environment and data is the responsibility of the user or organisation. Offers a high level of security.The responsibility of security is shared between the public cloud user and the service provider.The public cloud user manages the security of applications and data in the cloud.The service provider manages the security of software and hardware infrastructure.Can be less secure than other cloud models.
Costs It is expensive and requires a large initial investment in software and hardware licensing.Requires a budget for security, maintenance, and upgrade of the infrastructure.Cost-effective and affordable.Requires no maintenance costs and offers a pay-as-you-use model where you only pay for the resources you use.
Customisation And ControlOffers maximum control over data and privacy policies.Offers maximum customisation options, meaning you can fully make changes to the server environment to cater to your needs.Offers minimal control over data and privacy policies, as the service provider manages these aspects.It offers limited customisation options, meaning you can make limited changes to the server environment to suit your needs. 

Private vs Public Clouds: Which is the Best Cloud Server

A private cloud server is better suited for large-scale organisations that already have an infrastructure system and several data centres. Such organisations can use a private cloud to enhance the utilisation of existing resources. 

A public cloud server is suitable for almost all use cases. Public cloud computing offers hardware and software infrastructure. This allows you to fully focus on the development of your application. 

Additionally, it allows you to build and operate services and applications without expending company resources on server management. This is because server management is taken care of by a third-party service provider.

To Wrap It Up

Both private and public clouds have advantages. The public cloud offers benefits like a pay-as-you-use pricing model, low maintenance and less wasted resources. The private cloud offers benefits like dedicated infrastructure, customisation and control.

However, the decision between private vs public cloud depends on your needs, budget and goals. Therefore, choose a cloud service model that caters to the specific requirements of your business. 

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