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Wholesale 4 Carat Engagement Rings Buying Guide 2021

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14K White Gold Oval Halo Complete Diamond Engagement Ring |  ER914545O0W44JJ.CSD4 | Gabriel & Co

Are you searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring?  With many considerations to make about elements such as the best metal type, the shape of the diamond, the color, the cut, and the band style, it can be overwhelming to choose which one stands out.

If you are looking for a stunning engagement ring, we have tips on this guide in getting a wholesale 4-carat engagement ring so you don’t waste money on your purchase.

Choose a 4-Carat Diamond Ring With Excellent Cut and Clarity

When looking for wholesale engagement rings, you will see that clarity is represented as a code.  Know that diamonds with a flawless or an internally flawless clarity are very, very rare.  But you can still get wholesale 4-carat engagement rings with excellent clarity.

    Diamond Clarity Codes

  • WS2 – these wholesale diamonds have inclusions that are very difficult to see at a magnification of X10, and are near perfect diamonds.
  • VS1 and VS2 – very rare diamonds and extremely high-grade
  • SI1 – a further level down the clarity grade with possible inclusions that you can see if you are an expert and look very, very closely.

It is recommended that you choose an SI1 or above clarity grade for a wholesale 4-carat engagement ring because 4-carat diamonds are larger.

4-Carat Perspective for Cut

Shape and cut influence the size of a diamond.  If you are really in for a wholesale 4-carat engagement ring, you can get a size perspective by looking at carat weight by the diameter of the stone in millimeters.

To give you an idea about how different diamond shapes of a 4-carat diamond size up in diameter, check out this list:

  • Round brilliant:  About 10 mm (1cm)
  • Princess:  About 8.7 mm
  • Cushion:  Almost 9 mm
  • Heart:  About 10.5 mm
  • Pear:  Around 13×9 mm
  • Marquis:  16.5×8.25 mm
  • Asscher:  Between 8.5×9 mm

Carat is weight.  A diamond stone’s size is determined by many other factors so not all 4-carat diamonds look as large as they may seem.  Make sure that you buy a well-cut wholesale 4-carat engagement ring that will showcase the brilliance and magnify the size of the diamond.

Choose a Setting That Will Draw Emphasis to a 4-Carat Diamond

To maximize the brilliance and beauty of your 4-carat diamond, choose a setting that will magnify the size of the stone.  A solitaire setting is the best setting for a 4-carat diamond stone.  

It will draw emphasis to its size and brilliance by ensuring that all eyes are focused on the diamond.  

In addition to the type of setting that you choose, it’s best to choose a light-hued metal for a nearly colorless stone.  This will emphasize and enhance the beauty of the stone.

You can also choose to add a halo of diamonds around your 4-carat solitaire to add more sparkle and prominence.

GIA-Certified Wholesale Diamond

Choose to buy from reputable diamond dealers who will allow you to filter loose diamonds based on whether they are GIA certified or not.  They should also allow you to view the actual GIA certification for their loose diamonds.  

A legit GIA certification includes a unique identification number that you can use to verify through the GIA website so that you will be assured that the 4-carat wholesale diamond you are buying is what it is.  Always buy a loose diamond with the proper documentation and then create a setting for a stunning wholesale 4-carat engagement ring.

Follow the Recommendation of Experts

Whenever you are shopping for a wholesale 4-carat engagement ring that is truly stunning, follow these recommendations from experts in the diamond industry:

  1.  Select a diamond shape that is most appealing and a setting that provides stability for the stone.
  2. Choose diamonds with an ideal cut or an Excellent grade on the GIA scale.
  3. Look for diamonds of either VS1 and VS2 Clarity grade.
  4. Consider diamonds in the nearly colorless range of G to I.
  5. Purchase only from premier wholesale diamond engagement ring sellers.

Bold, Rare, and Luxurious Wholesale Engagement Rings

4-carat diamond engagement rings are bold, rare, and luxurious.  Shop the latest enchanting wholesale engagement rings from highly reputable vendors and diamond cutters.  Look for a brilliant and well-cut 4-carat diamond and the perfect setting for that perfect engagement ring you’ve been aching for.

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